Examining the CSR Practice of Family-friendly Workplaces in the Light of Sustainability
Pátkai Bende, Anna
Nárai, Márta

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Pátkai Bende A., Nárai M., 2023, Examining the CSR Practice of Family-friendly Workplaces in the Light of Sustainability, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 107, 67-72.


This paper examines corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices of organizations with „Family-Friendly Workplace” trademark certificate in Hungary. The aim of this paper is to reveal the role of family-friendly workplaces in contributing to sustainability based on the results of a questionnaire survey. The study emphasizes the essentiality of family-friendly workplaces for sustainability, as they create an environment for their employees that supports their work-life balance and thus it contributes to improving their quality of life and to creating a more livable and sustainable society. Moreover, this research highlights that these workplaces also stand out with regard to other CSR activities. 68.7 % of family-friendly organizations consciously define the priorities of their CSR activities, with around 40 % having a CSR strategy and 35.3 % having a sustainability strategy in which their commitment in the areas of CSR and sustainability is recorded. These priorities are fair business, participation in local community life, environmental protection and sustainability, equal opportunities, and responsible employment. More than 60 % of the examined workplaces support civil, non-profit organizations and local community initiatives, and more than half of them implemented various CSR-related programs in the last three years, including fundraisers, educational and work training, actions in the field of environmental protection as well as community and health promotion programs. This study concludes that with their implemented activities, family-friendly organizations in Hungary make a significant contribution to sustainability.