Sustainability Model of ZalaZONE Innovation Ecosystem
Hary, Andras
Toth, Csilla
Pekk, Leticia
Meszaros, Virag

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Hary A., Toth C., Pekk L., Meszaros V., 2023, Sustainability Model of ZalaZONE Innovation Ecosystem, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 107, 115-120.


Nowadays, sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the development and operation of innovation ecosystems. The subject of the investigation is the ZalaZONE Park - innovation ecosystem (not an ecosystem from a biological point of view, but rather an economic aspect), where the proximity of the ZalaZONE test track justifies making the operating system more sustainable. The main goal of the study is to develop a scientifically based, sustainable system model for the environmental, economic, and social balance of innovation ecosystem processes. This requires a combination of technological openness and sensitivity, the ability to respond quickly, the appropriate basic energy concept, and the objective-oriented system-level combination of these. The authors take the sustainability issues of innovation ecosystems one by one and then examine the questions of the development of the model through the importance and actuality of megatrends, keeping in mind the area of "zero emissions". As a result of the research, a sustainable energy basic model concept was created, which takes into account the complex factors on the basis of which the ZalaZONE park operates. This is important because the model examines the Park from an environmental point of view in a novel approach, highlighting the importance of moving towards zero emissions, as well as its impact on economic and social aspects.