Consumers' Perceptions of Environmental Protection and Exploring Pathways to Sustainable Solutions
Gyurián Nagy, Nikolett
Gyurián, Norbert

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Gyurián Nagy N., Gyurián N., 2023, Consumers’ Perceptions of Environmental Protection and Exploring Pathways to Sustainable Solutions, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 107, 205-210.


Sustainability and environmental protection are the most popular issues of our age, and they function as a social purpose as well. However, delineating the dimensions of responsibility in these realms remains a subject of intense debate, as consumer perspectives often diverge from those held by corporate and governmental entities. This study examines primarily consumer surveys, seeking to elucidate the facets of environmentally conscious attitudes and the factors exerting influence from the consumer standpoint. Individual behaviors are undeniably shaped by an individual's acquisition of knowledge, experiences, and orientations, all of which are cultivated through the lens of their environmental perception. This encompasses an understanding of the intricate ecological systems, as well as the recognition of the social, economic, and political dynamics that impact these systems. This study embarks on a comprehensive exploration of the environmental attitudes within the sampled population, placing special emphasis on environmental orientation. Through a synthesis of quantitative and qualitative consumer opinions, it unveils the distinctive aspects of responsibility at the levels of government, corporations, and individual consumers. As the analysis unfolds, a pivotal question emerges: What opportunities can be discerned at these three levels (state, corporate, and consumer), through the lens of environmental protection? In doing so, it seeks to unravel pathways toward a more sustainable and ecologically responsible future. Results show that the influence of both the government and businesses is pivotal in shaping consumers' environmental attitudes. Consequently, it follows that the state and corporate sector must also function effectively in the case of environmental concepts and actions to steer consumers toward sustainable consumption.