Sustainability in Folk Culture: Transmission of a Traditional Blue Dyeing Technique in Gyor
Lanczendorfer, Zsuzsanna
Varga, Balázs

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Lanczendorfer Z., Varga B., 2023, Sustainability in Folk Culture: Transmission of a Traditional Blue Dyeing Technique in Gyor, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 107, 235-240.


Based on blue-dyer masters’ experience, we can say that people are still interested in the technology of traditional blue dyeing. There are many people participating in trade shows. Moreover, people tend to buy and use the products produced this way. Based on the proposal of the Intellectual Cultural Heritage Professional Committee of the Hungarian National Committee of UNESCO, the tradition of blue dyeing became part of the National Register of Intellectual Cultural Heritage in 2015. Then, in 2018, to the proposal of five countries, including Hungary, the traditional trade of blue-dyeing was recognised, which thus became part of the list of intellectual cultural heritage of UNESCO. In the elaboration of the petition of nomination, a master of Gyor, Ildikó Tóth and her family participated. In our study, we are giving an overview of the history of blue-dyeing, which can be dated from the end of the 17th century, of the spreading of the main techniques, and also of the state of the number of blue-dyers. Beyond the above-mentioned issues, we are dealing with the history of blue-dyeing in Gyor, mentioning the more important masters, as well as the mark of the trade, which can be seen until now. In the main part of our study, we are introducing a blue-dyeing workshop in Gyor, where they manufacture textiles using original devices and technology until the present day. Apart from this, we are pointing out the family story of the blue-dyer family Éhring, which embraces five generations. Moreover, we are presenting their work done in the survival of our cultural heritage, in popular education and community development, with the help of the interviews made with Ildikó Tóth and her family – who has recently received the title ‘Master of Folk Culture’. In the study, we are also publishing true stories about blue-dyer masters, about the trade and the above-mentioned family.