The Role of Pollen Analysis in the Sustainable Development
Dominkó, Emese
Kovács, Zoltán
Rétfalvi, Tamás

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Dominkó E., Kovács Z., Rétfalvi T., 2023, The Role of Pollen Analysis in the Sustainable Development, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 107, 673-678.


Pollen analysis is becoming increasingly important in various scientific fields. In this article, the diversity of plants that produce pollen and bloom simultaneously with acacia was examined based on the pollen analysis of acacia honey samples. These samples, dating back to the 2000s, were collected from the same agricultural area. In the 19 honey samples examined, a total of 51 different species were identified, of which 40 species provide nectar, or both nectar and pollen and 11 species provide only pollen. The composition of the samples changed significantly over the years, both in quality and quantity. During the study period, the number of identified species increased. In relation to agricultural production, up to the year 2007, the pollen of Trifolium pratense was present at a high ratio (18.5 %), then it almost completely disappeared from the samples and was replaced by pollen from the Brassicaceae family at a higher ratio (22.9 %).