CO2 Emission of Aircraft at Different Flight-level (Route: Jakarta-Surabaya)
Sekartadji, Ratih
Musyafa, Ali
Jaelani, Lalu M
Asy ari, Muh. Khamim
Ahyudanari, Ervina

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Sekartadji R., Musyafa A., Jaelani L.M., Asy ari M.K., Ahyudanari E., 2023, CO2 Emission of Aircraft at Different Flight-level (Route: Jakarta-Surabaya), Chemical Engineering Transactions, 98, 39-44.


Emissions from aircraft became the subject of previous research since the 1960s. Aircraft emissions come from burn fuel from an aircraft engine, which contains elements that effect in global warming. Aircraft emissions during cruise occur because of the influence of temperature at the cruise level. The elements of carbon dioxide (CO2) give the greatest impact on all components of the aircraft exhaust gas. The route Jakarta-Surabaya flight is the busiest route in the Indonesian airspace. This research uses the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) emission carbon calculation method. Flight data is needed to determine the distance and type of aircraft. Those data are used to determine the amount of fuel consumption needed so that estimated emissions due to aircraft can be calculated. The result of the calculation is the number of aircraft emissions per day and the uncertainties of type A and B in the level of confidence 95%.