Knowing and Controlling the Risks of Semi-batch Alkoxylation Reactions
Loetgering-Lin, Oliver
Salg, Steffen
Koenig, Christian
Buchholz, Hannes
Goedde, Markus
Odenwald, Oliver
Sager, Wilfried
Brodhagen, Andreas
Heitz, Thomas
Ries, Roland

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Loetgering-Lin O., Salg S., Koenig C., Buchholz H., Goedde M., Odenwald O., Sager W., Brodhagen A., Heitz T., Ries R., 2023, Knowing and Controlling the Risks of Semi-batch Alkoxylation Reactions, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 98, 51-56.


In this work, major risks specific to alkoxylation reactions are summarized. Special focus is given to the risk of a thermal runaway of the synthesis reaction and the potentially following exothermal decomposition of raw materials, intermediates and products. The concept presented is basis for safeguarding alkoxylation reactions globally within BASF (certified by DEKRA Industrial). As an integral part of BASF’s safety concept, the importance of quantifying the thermal decomposition risk is highlighted and a model-based approach to control that risk by limiting the oxide accumulation is presented.