The Integrity of Equipment by Setting Up RBI and Applying the OBRA Method
Bitchikh, Karima
Kertous, Aboubakar
Khanous, Halla
Hammal, Meriem

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Bitchikh K., Kertous A., Khanous H., Hammal M., 2023, The Integrity of Equipment by Setting Up RBI and Applying the OBRA Method, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 98, 231-236.


Industry professionals rely on increasingly complex infrastructures where risk management is a key issue. Today, the primary interest for the different sectors of industry is to face the challenges related to the reduction of maintenance and inspection costs of equipment caused by scheduled or unscheduled shutdowns (following leaks or incidents) while preserving the integrity of the equipment and improving the company's competitiveness.Indeed, it has become crucial to properly manage and control the risk related to the production tool through efficient inspection practices and proper planning of maintenance work.
After an assessment of the risk by the RBI approach, the main objective is to generate an inspection program focusing the inspection and control activities on equipment considered as a priority and then an optimal exploitation of the available resources. The risk in the framework of the RBI approach is the combination of the probability of failure which depends on the potential mechanisms of degradation and the consequence related to a failure which can be expressed in terms of physical damage for the personnel and the economic loss related to the production tool, the effects on the environment, and also the various costs of maintenance.