Dry Reforming of Kraft Lignin under MWI Action
Arapova, O.
Tsodikov, M.
Chistyakov, A.
Konstantinov, G.
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Arapova O., Tsodikov M., Chistyakov A., Konstantinov G., 2017, Dry Reforming of Kraft Lignin under MWI Action, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 223-228.
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In this paper presented results of efficient dry reforming of kraft lignin which was conducted over a substrate supported Fe and Ni catalysts under MWI action. The goal of current work is to give high-value aromatic alcohols and H2-rich gas. Comparing with convective heating MWI action generally provides C-H bonds cracking. Process temperature typically varied from 700 to 800°C, at 1 atm of CO2. After 10 min of processing lignin conversion was 80-90 % depending on catalyst peculiarities. It must be noted that hydrogen yield was considerably more with the ?2/?? ratio of ~1/1 in case of MWI action comparing with convective heating that gives us an opportunity to suggest C-H bond cracking intensification under microwaves.
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