Biosorption of Zn(II) by Sphagnum Peat
Denisova, V.
Tihomirova, K.
Mezule, L.
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Denisova V., Tihomirova K., Mezule L., 2017, Biosorption of Zn(II) by Sphagnum Peat, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 385-390.
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In this study, continuous up-flow fixed-bed column experiments were performed to investigate the biosorption potential of sphagnum peat to remove Zn(II) ions from aqueous solutions. The effect of influent metal ion Zn(II) concentration (10 and 100 mg/L) on Zn(II) removal was investigated and the experimental breakthrough curves were obtained. The breakthrough time decreased from 264 hours to 8 hours by increasing the influent Zn(II) concentration. The highest biosorption capacity of 2731 mg/g was obtained at 10 mg/L Zn(II) concentration. Desorption studies revealed that the sphagnum peat could be regenerated using 0.1 M HCl solution with higher than 99 % recovery during 80 minutes or 6 desorption cycles. The results indicated that the sphagnum peat can be used as an effective and low-cost biosorbent for the removal of Zn(II) in polluted aqueous solutions.
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