Glyphosate Removal Using Reusable Ferrite Manganese Graphene
Yamaguchi, N.
Santos, J.C.M.
Almeida, A.C.S.
Rubio, A.J.
Valim Junior, N.C.
Botassini, M.
Nascimento, N.
Bergamasco, R.
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Yamaguchi N., Santos J., Almeida A., Rubio A., Valim Junior N., Botassini M., Nascimento N., Bergamasco R., 2017, Glyphosate Removal Using Reusable Ferrite Manganese Graphene, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 685-690.
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The increasing use of pesticides in agriculture, environmental pollution became an imminent problem in modern society. Reusable materials as a sustainable technology has a broad application prospect in water treatment, and magnetic graphene materials are proposed in this study. Magnetic manganese ferrite nanoparticles have been successfully synthesized on graphene. It was reported 89% of glyphosate removal from aqueous solution after 6 h of contact time. The adsorbent showed to be a reusable adsorbent, as it could be reasonable regenerated with 0.1 M NaOH solution, obtaining removals higher than 80% after regeneration. The results showed that MnFe2O4-G might be used as an alternative adsorbent for water treatment contaminated with glyphosate.
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