Analysis of Accident Data for the Bioenergy Sector Based on Second Generation Feedstocks
Seay, J.
Lunghi, E.
Rehman, A.
Fabiano, B.
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Seay J., Lunghi E., Rehman A., Fabiano B., 2017, Analysis of Accident Data for the Bioenergy Sector Based on Second Generation Feedstocks, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 781-786.
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The false perception that the risk operating with bio-refineries, as opposed to traditional petroleum refineries is lower has led to a lack of specific safety requirements in the field of bio-energy, even when considering the fact that the major parts of these plants are small scale and are below the threshold values for the application of Seveso directives. In this context, a thorough analysis of accidents related to the production of bio-energy is here performed and, specifically, a comparison between Europe and USA. The gathered information is comprised of general data, including activity, location, type of accidents, causes, injuries and fatalities; the aim is to build a useful instrument of analysis, in order to investigate and identify the main and recurrent hazards in the area, as well as to implement risk assessment tools and become aware of the gap between Europe and America. The frequency analysis and the assessment through the use of a rapid risk matrix, confirm that a non-negligible risk profile may be attributed to bio-energy industries. Safety culture in bio-energy production is an issue of primary importance, as well as the need for extending accident investigation, looking beyond the immediate technical causes for ways of avoiding the hazards and for deficiencies in the management system.
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