Selective Cracking of Light Olefins to Ethene and Propene
Arjah, A.
Albahar, M.
Li, C.
Garforth, A.
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Arjah A., Albahar M., Li C., Garforth A., 2017, Selective Cracking of Light Olefins to Ethene and Propene, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 883-888.
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Catalytic cracking of olefins is becoming a more crucial process to produce valuable platform chemicals in the chemical industry such as ethane and propene. Steam cracking and fluid catalytic cracking can no longer meet the required demand of propene and ethene. Previous research has found that catalytic cracking showed the best results when an acidic mesoporous ZSM-5 catalyst was used. This paper reports the use of ZSM-5 with Si/Al=15, 40 and 70 and post synthetically modified large crystal ZSM-5 and silylated large crystal ZSM-5 (Si/Al = 70). The different catalysts were tested using variable flowrates and temperatures.
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