Partial Oxidation of Gasoline over Ni/Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> Catalysts using Nickel Aluminate as Precursor
Lopez-Fonseca, R.
Jimenez-Gonzalez, C.
Gil-Calvo, M.
De Rivas, B.
Gutierrez-Ortiz, J.I.
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Lopez-Fonseca R., Jimenez-Gonzalez C., Gil-Calvo M., De Rivas B., Gutierrez-Ortiz J., 2017, Partial Oxidation of Gasoline over Ni/Al2O3 Catalysts using Nickel Aluminate as Precursor, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 955-960.
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Gasoline, which currently presents a well-developed distribution network, represents an ideal fuel source for H2 production onboard or in stationary facilities. In this work, a novel alumina supported Ni (NiAl2O4/Al2O3) catalyst derived from the reduction of nickel aluminate at high temperature was investigated for the partial oxidation of isooctane, which was selected as a gasoline surrogate. While being relatively active in the process due to its small crystallite size, the catalyst did not show a stable behavior with time on stream since a considerably coke formation was noticed. Interestingly a better performance in terms of conversion, yield of hydrogen and stability was observed when water was added to the feedstream.
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