Cavitations Phenomenon in T-mixer with Exocentric Inputs
Oualha, K.
Ben Amar, M.
Michau, A.
Kanaev, A.
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Oualha K., Ben Amar M., Michau A., Kanaev A., 2017, Cavitations Phenomenon in T-mixer with Exocentric Inputs, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 1231-1236.
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In this paper, static light scattering (SLS) measurements were carried out in a turbulent water flow in a T-mixer and the cavitation phenomenon was detected from a certain flow rate correspondent to Re = 7500. The occurrence of this phenomenon is validated by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations using Fluent Software V.15.0, of velocity and pressure in the flow. The simulation results show that there is a large drop of pressure in the zone of the impact of the inlet fluids, which can attain that of the water vapor, thus creating conditions for nucleation of bubbles.
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