Heat Transfer Between Gas and Liquid in a Bubble Column
Zizka, M.
Sulc, R.
Ditl, P.
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Zizka M., Sulc R., Ditl P., 2017, Heat Transfer Between Gas and Liquid in a Bubble Column, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 1261-1266.
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Multiphase contactors, e.g. bubble columns, are often used in operations accompanied by heat transfer between the phases. Literature studies have divided heat transfer measurements in two- and three-phase systems into: (i) estimations of bed-to-wall heat transfer coefficients, and (ii) estimations of immersed object- to-bed heat transfer coefficients. Although wall-to-bed and heat-exchange element-to-bed heat transfer coefficients have been intensively studied and published, no correlations have been found for gas-to-liquid heat transfer for bubble columns.
The aim of this paper is to determine the effect of multi-orifice aerator for the heat transfer between gas and liquid and to compare two different aerator patterns. This study was performed on the bubble column 0.15 m in diameter with various water levels within the range of superficial gas velocity varying from 0.01 m s-1 to 0.1 m s-1. The gas-to-liquid heat transfer measurements were performed by a non-steady state method based on measurements of the gas- and liquid- temperature in the time for an evaluation of the heat fluxes and heat transfer coefficients.
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