Lightweight Composite Building Materials with Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) Additives
Brencis, R.
Pleiksnis, S.
Skujans, J.
Adamovics, A.
Gross, U.
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Brencis R., Pleiksnis S., Skujans J., Adamovics A., Gross U., 2017, Lightweight Composite Building Materials with Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) Additives, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 1375-1380.
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The scope of our research was to evaluate the potential of the content of fibre and shives in the biomass of industrial hemp cultivars grown under different nitrogen fertiliser rates to use them for increasing the energy efficiency as a thermal insulation and acoustic material. The aim of the research was to find out the production technology, properties of the thermal conductivity for lightweight concrete made from hemp shives and sapropel or gypsum as a binder to be used for thermal and sound insulation material. The hemp cultivar 'Bialobrzeskie' was used for lightweight composite materials and lightweight composite materials were obtained with hemp shive additives with heat transfer coefficient 0.046÷0.15 W mK-1 and sound insulation index R`=35 dB. The obtained composite materials can be used as sound and heat insulation materials for building envelope in residential buildings, office buildings and factories.
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