Simulated Weathering Tests of Photocatalytic Paint Containing LaFeO<sub>3</sub>
De La Fuente Garcia, E.
Carrara, V.
Fontana, F.
Natali Sora, I.
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De La Fuente Garcia E., Carrara V., Fontana F., Natali Sora I., 2017, Simulated Weathering Tests of Photocatalytic Paint Containing LaFeO3, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 1381-1386.
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The effects of simulated weathering tests on water paints based upon a silicate binder, containing a LaFeO3 photocatalyst, were investigated by measuring their self-cleaning performances. Paint samples were exposed to accelerated ageing tests using a climatic chamber, which simulated weathering effects such as UV radiation, rainwater and conspicuous temperature and humidity variations. Samples were subsequently stained by Procion Red PX4B dye and the color degradation of the taint onto the solid phase was followed through UV–vis diffuse reflectance spectra (DRS). The dye discoloration percentage after 360 h visible light irradiation was 78 % for not weathered samples, and 67 % for weathered ones.
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