Vapour Phase Synthesis and Characterization of TiN Nanoparticles
Grillo, A.V.
Moura, F.J.
Solorzano, G.I.
Brocchi, E.A.
Mendoza Oliveros, M.E.
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Grillo A., Moura F., Solorzano G., Brocchi E., Mendoza Oliveros M., 2017, Vapour Phase Synthesis and Characterization of TiN Nanoparticles, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 1399-1404.
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The special features of nano-structured nitrides, especially those of transition metals, have been motivating the search for new synthesis methods. This paper is primarily focused on the characterisation of nanoscale titanium nitride (TiN) synthesised from homogeneous phase method, based on the reaction between ammonia and titanium chloride vapour as reactants. The experimental apparatus is briefly described, and thermodynamic analysis of the reactional system is presented to support the feasibility of obtaining nanoparticles of titanium nitride. The experimental results showed that the reaction parameters, temperature and space time, have an important effect on powder particle size. The produced powder was characterised by X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy, which revealed, respectively, the presence of oxidized titanium nitride particle size, distribution and morphology. The TEM observed particle size was smaller than 50 nm. It was also observed the formation of ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) as co-product of the nitridation reaction. During the handling of the TiN powder, TiO2 was formed due to its reaction with the air moisture.
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