The Heat and Mass Transfer Modeling with Time Delay
Sorokin, V.G.
Vyazmin, A.
Zhurov, A.I.
Reznik, V.
Polyanin, A.D.
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Sorokin V., Vyazmin A., Zhurov A., Reznik V., Polyanin A., 2017, The Heat and Mass Transfer Modeling with Time Delay, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 1465-1470.
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Nonlinear hyperbolic reaction-diffusion equations with a delay in time are investigated. All equations considered here contain one arbitrary function. Exact solutions are also presented for more complex nonlinear equations in which delay arbitrarily depends on time. Exact solutions with a generalized separation of variables are found. For special cases, new exact solutions in the form of a traveling waves are obtained, some of which can be represented in terms of elementary functions. All of these solutions contain free (arbitrary) parameters, so that one can use them to solve modeling problems of heat and mass transfer with relaxation phenomena.
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