Sorbostriction of AR-V Carbon Adsorbent in Organic Vapor Adsorption
Tvardovskiy, A.
Nabiulin, V.
Fomkin, A.
Shkolin, A.
Zaytsev, D.
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Tvardovskiy A., Nabiulin V., Fomkin A., Shkolin A., Zaytsev D., 2017, Sorbostriction of AR-V Carbon Adsorbent in Organic Vapor Adsorption, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 1483-1488.
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Deformations of granulated recuperative activated carbon AR-V (produced in granulated form from coal dust (coals mixture) and adhesion agents by steam treatment at the temperature of 1100 — 1200K) upon carbon tetrachloride adsorption has been studied; this adsorbent (produced by company "Sorbent", Perm, Russia) has high adsorption capacity for vapors of organic substances.
To solve this problem a dilatometer was used. Its main part was a line differential transformer, the core of which was connected to the adsorbent by means of a rod. Any changes in the adsorbent height caused a change in the core position in the transformer, which influenced the signal recorded from its secondary winding. High sensitivity of the dilatometric method has been shown. The dilatometer used allowed the measurement of absolute deformations in the range 1x10-7 to 3x10-3 m. These results were compared with the adsorption isotherms.
Also the model and the equation of elastic adsorptive deformation of microporous adsorbents have been presented at their interaction with gases and vapors. The results of the modeling for the system activated carbon AR-V - carbon tetrachloride are compared with the experimental data.
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