Characterization of Craft Beers and their Bioactive Compounds
Marques, D.R.
Cassis, M.A.
Quelhas, J.O.F.
Bertozzi, J.
Visentainer, J.V.
Oliveira, C.C.
Monteiro, A.R.G.
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Marques D., Cassis M., Quelhas J., Bertozzi J., Visentainer J., Oliveira C., Monteiro A., 2017, Characterization of Craft Beers and their Bioactive Compounds, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 1747-1752.
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The increasing number of microbreweries in recent years is a success by the variety of craft beers available in the pubs and markets. The beer is a beverage rich in phenolic compounds and antioxidants; however, little information is available about physicochemical quality and bioactive compounds of craft beers. Four styles of craft beers were produced in a microbrewery: American Classic Pilsner, American Pale Ale, Brown Poter and Irish Red Ale. The physicochemical analysis showed the established parameters for beers. In relation to the bioactive compounds, the total phenolic compounds and the great content of caffeic acid should be highlighted. This work traces a profile bioactive compounds and physicochemical analysis of the craft beers produced on small scale basis, a quality product without additives to a differentiated target consumer.
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