Usage of Carob Bean Flour in Gluten Free Cakes
Berk, E.
Sumnu, G.
Sahin, S.
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Berk E., Sumnu G., Sahin S., 2017, Usage of Carob Bean Flour in Gluten Free Cakes, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 1909-1914.
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Gluten, known as the main protein found in wheat, barley and rye, gives viscoelasticity to dough. However, people with celiac disease have problems related to the consumption of gluten. In this study, carob bean flour which contains significant amount of dietary fibre, minerals, high amount of amino acids, and very low amount of fat was used in cakes as gluten free flour. The aim was to investigate the effects of partial replacement of rice flour by carob bean flour at different concentrations (10%, 20%, and 30%) and addition of different types of proteins (soy protein and whey protein) on specific gravity and quality of cakes (specific volume, hardness). Batters with added whey protein had always lower specific gravity values. Cakes formulated with whey protein had lower hardness and higher specific volumes. Moreover, it was realized that cakes prepared by 20% carob bean flour had the highest specific volume and lower hardness value. Therefore, cakes with 20% carob bean flour and whey protein can be recommended to be used in gluten free cakes.
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