Production Lycopene Dye São Caetano Melon (Momordica charantia L.) for Food Application
Oliveira, D.M.
Minuceli, F.
Ribeiro, M.
Marques, D.R.
Testa, G.
Monteiro, A.R.G.
Moreira, J.
Clemente, E.
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Oliveira D., Minuceli F., Ribeiro M., Marques D., Testa G., Monteiro A., Moreira J., Clemente E., 2017, Production Lycopene Dye São Caetano Melon (Momordica charantia L.) for Food Application, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 57, 1951-1956.
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Food industry use colorants are common because color appearance play an important role in the products acceptances. The aim of this work was to obtain lycopene dye from pulp São Caetano melon. Healthy and mature fruits were used, where pulp was removed from seed. After homogenization pulp, was used to extract lycopene, purification, identification, quantification, microencapsulation, characterization dye and its hygroscopic behavior application beverages. The analysis of São Caetano melon showed that it is an excellent source lycopene. Microscopy showed the encapsulation lycopene and the change in structure of pure maltodextrin encapsulated product. The main results show it was possible obtain powder dye with good hygroscopic characteristics strong red color, and easy apply drinks, with a result for similar color drinks already known in the market. São Caetano melon may be considered an option to the raw material for industrialization red dye used food industry.
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