Non-Chemical Process Industry Applications of Bowtie Analysis
Amyotte, Paul
Vanberkel, Peter
Khan, Faisal
Rayner Brown, Kayleigh
Turner, Lauren
Alauddin, Mohammad

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Amyotte P., Vanberkel P., Khan F., Rayner Brown K., Turner L., Alauddin M., 2022, Non-Chemical Process Industry Applications of Bowtie Analysis, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 90, 7-12.


The current paper demonstrates the broad applicability of bowtie analysis within the scope of scenarios requiring effective hazard identification to facilitate comprehensive risk management. This work is motivated by the largely unrecognized usefulness of process hazard analysis methodologies and other process safety techniques beyond the boundaries of the chemical process industries (CPI). Examples of creative bowtie use are given by drawing on the technical literature and ongoing research involving non-CPI, high-hazard applications.