Increasing Plant Protein Attractivity to Develop the Offer to Consumers
Della Valle, Guy
Renard, Catherine M.G.C.

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Della Valle G., Renard C.M., 2023, Increasing Plant Protein Attractivity to Develop the Offer to Consumers, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 102, 37-42.


Developing the supply to consumers is essential to increase the consumption of protein-rich legume seeds. In this perspective, this article examines five possible tracks which encompass different ways of processing legume seeds into food: applying hydrothermal treatments to improve their suitability for traditional consumption, developing new foods from protein ingredients through fermentation, adapting traditional and exotic recipes, combining cereals and legumes in traditional processes, and developing new products using more recent technologies. For each one, the available knowledge is reviewed in order to identify main research prospects. Clearly, a better understanding of the structural modifications of foods, at the different levels of organization of the material, during the process, would allow industrial actors to better meet consumer expectations. In addition, the production of ingredients based on pulses makes it possible to consider substitutes for food additives, in line with Clean Label claims, for minimally processed and healthier products. Certainly, research tracks that would contribute to a greater consumption of plant-based protein foods, require an interdisciplinary and integrative approach. However, regardless of the processing route considered, the production of pulse-based foods relies on a stable supply and selection of plant raw materials.