Honey Production with Remote Smart Monitoring System
Vallone, Mariangela
Orlando, Santo
Alleri, Maria
Ferro, Massimo V.
Catania, Pietro

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Vallone M., Orlando S., Alleri M., Ferro M.V., Catania P., 2023, Honey Production with Remote Smart Monitoring System, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 102, 169-174.


The innovative technologies of precision agriculture can be applied to beekeeping, a very important sector both from an environmental and production point of view. Bees are responsible, through pollination, for the reproduction of numerous plants guaranteeing biodiversity and providing a final product, honey, highly energetic and with high health properties. Today, sensors applied to the hives can be used to obtain information on the colony phenology in the field, disturbing them as little as possible, allowing the construction of forecast models to control their health state and production increase. The Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences of the University of Palermo developed a WNS-type system for continuously monitoring and controlling the main environmental factors, both inside and outside the hive, in order to evaluate their influence on daily honey production. The novel system allows to identify any critical points in honey production recording environmental, sound and production data and real time transmitting them to the operators, accessing a specifically created web interface. The results of the study represent the basis for a precision hive management model that can be applied in different environmental conditions to optimize honey production.