Andean Products in the Formulation and Preparation of Fortified Food for Children
Zambrano-Cabanillas, Abel W.
Naupay-Vega, Marlitt F.
Benites-Alfaro, Elmer

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Zambrano-Cabanillas A.W., Naupay-Vega M.F., Benites-Alfaro E., 2023, Andean Products in the Formulation and Preparation of Fortified Food for Children, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 102, 235-240.


Food sustainability in the world requires food with good nutrient characteristics for the population, mainly for the first years of the life of people (children). Peru is a privileged country in the production of varied and nutritionally important foods. The objective of the research was the formulation and preparation of a nutritious food based on Andean products: yellow potato (Solanum tuberosum), kiwicha (Amaranthus caudatus), quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa), tarwi (Lupinus mutabilis) and soybean (Glycine max). Mixit-2 feed formulation software from Agricultural Software Consultants Inc. was used in the formulation of this feed, and it was prepared with the processes of milling, drying, mixing and packaging. The final fortified feed was composed of 25 % yellow potato, 13 % kiwicha, 12 % quinoa, 8% tarwi, 17 % soybean, and additives of sugar, flavoring, stabilizer, antioxidant, and salt. It was verified that the fortified feed complied with the specifications indicated by FAO/WHO/UN and nutrients required by the Peruvian National Health Institute (INS), presented a protein efficiency (PER) of 2.20, digestibility of 88% and chemical computation of 91 %. As for microbiological characteristics, it presented levels within those recommended by FAO. Also, in the test of a panel of children, it was obtained that 78.31 % gave their acceptance and preference for the consumption of the food. Therefore, the fortified food obtained can be used in the feeding of children, constituting an alternative food with a good nutritional level.