Integrated Monitoring System for Growing Grain Crops
Kulenova, Natalya A.
Sadenova, Marzhan A.
Anuarbek, Zhakhangir B.
Beisekenov, Nail A.

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Kulenova N.A., Sadenova M.A., Anuarbek Z.B., Beisekenov N.A., 2023, Integrated Monitoring System for Growing Grain Crops, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 103, 49-54.


One of the main indicators of food security in Kazakhstan is the volume of grain production. The most important current scientific problem is the development of innovative monitoring systems for growing agricultural products. Farms in Kazakhstan face the problem of low efficiency of the available means of control when growing crops over large areas. The paper presents a mobile application developed by the authors for continuous monitoring of crop conditions using a combination of Earth Remote Sensing (ERS) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) methods, as well as the movement of specialised agricultural machinery for operational farm management. This approach has been shown to improve the quality of grown agricultural products and reduce their cost by increasing control over fuel consumption.