Sustainable Development in the Sahel Region
Szoke, Júlia
Jankovits, Kata D.

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Szoke J., Jankovits K.D., 2023, Sustainable Development in the Sahel Region, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 107, 223-228.


Scientists from various fields have long examined the factors contributing to sustainable development in Africa. The paper investigates the topic of sustainable development focusing on a very special part of Africa, the Sahel region, which is an ecoclimatic and biogeographic region of Africa facing many challenges. Consequently, the secondary research to be presented in this paper aims to review some projects and actions taken by various organizations, like the United Nations and the African Union, that stimulate sustainable development in the Sahel region. Accordingly, it focuses on a few of those projects and actions, which, on the one hand, enable sustainable agriculture, the reduction of malnutrition and food insecurity, and water usage combined with latrine construction, and which, on the other hand, enhance natural resource management and increasing resilience to climate change. The paper concludes with some remarks regarding the efficacy of these projects and actions from the viewpoint of sustainability, and finds that even though these projects and actions are of significance, there is still a long road ahead to reach sustainable development in the Sahel region.