Vol 90 - Editorial
In accordance with the motto “Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Changing World” we anticipate exchanges of information, dissemination of data and stimulated development of new topics for example in the fields of Industry 4.0, safe energy, advanced materials guiding the industry towards more risk-informed and safety-responsible planning. Our common goal is to reduce the risk of incidents/accidents in process industries by a balanced application of new developments in data science and digital technology with fundamentals science and engineering principles. Topics of the CET volume combine traditional topics with new challenges of the Loss Prevention area.
This volume covers five traditional topics including:
1. Risk assessment
2. Security & Safety
3. Lesson learnt / Case studies
4. Human & organisational factors
5. Leadership and risk communication
which are combined with transversal new challenges, namely:
A. Global aspects and methodology
B. Industry 4.0
C. Safe energy
D. New material hazards
Aleš Bernatík, Bruno Fabiano (Guest Editors)