Vol 87 - Reviewers

Publication Policy of Chemical Engineering Transactions, Volume 87

Each article of this volume has been reviewed by at least two Reviewers, frequently by three and rarely by more.
The list of the main reviewers involved in this Key-Job is reported below.
The Editors in Chief of CET, as well the Guest Editors of this volume are deeply grateful to them for their intense activity and care in preparing the reviews.
The Editors are proud of having been assisted by such qualified team of experts, who determined the quality and the success of this journal.
All the articles are identified by a DOI number and will be evaluated for inclusion into SCOPUS and ISI citation databases.


Abud, Ana Karla De Souza Brazil
Adrover, Alessandra Italy
Albanese, Donatella Italy
Bassani, Andrea Italy
Baurina, Alexandra Russia
Berwig, Kimberli Brazil
Brasiello, Antonio Italy
Bravi, Marco Italy
Brondi, Cosimo Italy
Casa, Marcello Italy
Cassano, Alfredo Italy
Cinquanta, Luciano Italy
Costa, Silvio Brazil
Couto, Jessica Brazil
De Luna M., Juliana Brazil
Desogus, Francesco Italy
Donsì, Francesco Italy
Dordoni, Roberta Italy
Fanari, Fabio Italy
Feihrmann, Andresa Carla Brazil
Fioroto, Paulo Otavio Brazil
Girotto, Francesca Italy
Gomes, Brenda De Oliveira Brazil
Guagliano, Mario Italy
Guerra, Jenyffer Brazil
Guerrini, Lorenzo Italy
Hoffmann, Tuany Gabriela Brazil
Iammarino, Marco Italy
Incarnato, Loredana Italy
Leite Neta, Maria Terezinha Santos Brazil
Malvano, Francesca Italy
Masseroni, Elisa Italy
Miccio, Michele Italy
Milani, Paula Brazil
Monteiro, Antonio Brazil
Moresi, Mauro Italy
Morozova, Ksenia Italy
Nilo Da Silva, Ana Carolayne Brazil
Oliveira, Antonio Martins Brazil
Ortiz , Jannet Colombia
Pasqualone, Antonella Italy
Pataro, Gianpiero Italy
Patella, Bernardo Italy
Petrosino, Francesco Italy
Pham, Duc Chinh Vietnam
Pietrosanto, Arianna Italy
Pirozzi, Annachiara Italy
Poiana, Marco Italy
Raspe, Djessica Brazil
Romaniello, Roberto Italy
Romeo, Rosa Italy
Scarfato, Paola Italy
Spigno, Giorgia Italy
Squeo, Giacomo Italy
Suarez-Rivero, Deivis Costa Rica
Summo, Carmine Italy
Tejeda-Benitez, Lesly Colombia