Cooking and Nutritional Characteristics of Malted Chickpeas
Cimini, Alessio
Poliziani, Alessandro
Morgante, Lorenzo
Moresi, Mauro

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Cimini A., Poliziani A., Morgante L., Moresi M., 2023, Cooking and Nutritional Characteristics of Malted Chickpeas, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 102, 343-348.


The consumption of chickpeas is disadvantaged by their long cooking times and thus great cooking energy needs, as well as undesirable tastes and smells and the presence of some anti-nutritional factors. This work was aimed at measuring the cooking and nutritional characteristics of a typical chickpea variety (the straight furrow chickpea, SDC) cultivated in the Latium Region of Italy, as such, decorticated or after malting. A three-stage (steeping, germination and kilning) process allowed their original contents of a-galactosides and phytate to be reduced by about 57% and 31%, respectively. Once decorticated, malted SDCs were directly cooked in boiling water for about 45 min, while the 16-h presoaked raw counterpart needed a 30-min longer cooking process. Dehulled malted SDCs can thus assist the general consumer with shorter preparation times and more healthy and sustainable eating habits.