Vol 91 - Reviewers

Publication Policy of Chemical Engineering Transactions, Volume 91

Each article of this volume has been reviewed by at least two Reviewers, frequently by three and rarely by more.
The list of the main reviewers involved in this Key-Job is reported below.
The Editors in Chief of CET, as well the Guest Editors of this volume are deeply grateful to them for their intense activity and care in preparing the reviews.
The Editors are proud of having been assisted by such qualified team of experts, who determined the quality and the success of this journal.
All the articles are identified by a DOI number and will be evaluated for inclusion into SCOPUS and ISI citation databases.


Acevedo Pabon, Paola Andrea Colombia
Agnello, Patrizia Italy
Agnusdei, Giulio Paolo Italy
Amaducci, Fabiola Italy
Ancione, Giuseppa Italy
Ansaldi, Silvia Maria Italy
Bai, Yiping China
Barkanyi, Agnes Hungary
Barozzi, Marco Italy
Belli, Laura Italy
Bonvicini, Giorgio Italy
Boot, Hans The Netherlands
Bragatto, Paolo Italy
Brohez, Sylvain Belgium
Busini, Valentina Italy
Butturi, Maria Italy
Carra, Silvia Italy
Cassano, Katia Italy
Castellon-Castro, Carlos Colombia
Chanut, Clement France
Cozzani, Valerio Italy
Davoli, Luca Italy
Di Sarli, Valeria Italy
Fabiano, Bruno Italy
Farinelli, Paolo Italy
Florit, Federico Italy
Gargarello, Romina Mariel Argentina
Geng, Sunyue China
Giannini, Franca Italy
Gracia Rojas, Jeniffer Paola Colombia
Gyenes, Zsuzsanna United Kingdom
Hailwood, Mark Germany
Heinzova, Romana Czech Republic
Helegda, Matous Czech Republic
Heymes, Frederic France
Hoke, Eva Czech Republic
Lacava, Judith Elizabeth Argentina
Ladanyi, Reka Hungary
Laurent, Andre France
Leitner, Rodney Germany
Mallarino-Miranda, Liset Colombia
Maureira, Diego Chile
Mazzarotta, Barbara Italy
Monica, Luigi Italy
Monti, Marina Italy
Morales-Guillen, Magdalena Mexico
Muscetta, Marica Italy
Ostakh, Sergey Russia
Ottone, Carminna Chile
Palacios, Adriana Mexico
Pastor, Elsa Spain
Patriarca, Riccardo Italy
Paz Aranguren, Arnul Colombia
Periolatto, Monica Italy
Pierro, Alessio Italy
Piperopoulos, Elpida Italy
Portarapillo, Maria Italy
Proverbio, Edoardo Italy
Pugi, Luca Italy
Reverberi, Andrea Italy
Rigolio, Maurizio Italy
Romero, Rosenberg J Mexico
Rota, Renato Italy
Schmitz, Peter The Netherlands
Scotton, Martina Silvia Italy
Seihoub, Fatima Algeria
Sellitto, Miguel Brazil
Sun, Hao China
Swuste, Paul The Netherlands
Tarcsay, Bálint Levente Hungary
Tejeda-Benitez, Lesly Colombia
Tiekwe, Eloge Cameroon
Tomas, Vesna Croatia
Tomasoni, Angela Maria Italy
Toth, Andras Jozsef Hungary
Vallerotonda, Maria Rosaria Italy
Veres, Jan Czech Republic
Vichova, Katerina Czech Republic
Vocciante, Marco Italy
Yi, Jiahuan United Kingdom
Zero, Enrico Italy