Vol 102 - Editorial
The major aim of this Volume is to review the latest development, needs and issues on the emerging thematic areas covered by Food Engineering. Food engineering research community is proceeding in creating a sustainability vision of food production for addressing the future and is finding effective ways to involve stakeholders in their research and have an impact on society.
Special care has been dedicated to collect papers in the topic of food product and process engineering, biotechnology and bioprocessing, management innovation in food industry.
Sustainable development solutions for healthy dietary patterns, resilient ways to produce foods, sustainable global supply chains are prented as a sheared commitment towards the SDGs, showing a high level of interest and application in industry. Circular economy-inspired research for healthy food, sustainable use of natural resources, novel technologies, technical tools for process management, innovation management, open innovation, decision engineering are the subjects covered in the Volume. In specific subjects are:
- Food process intensification / Process and equipment design: emerging novel types of equipments and processing methods - miniaturization of process equipments;
- Food process intensification / Environmental benefits: energy efficient food processing technologies - Waste reduction;
- Application of nanoscale science in food processing and packaging;
- Advances in food Formulation Technology: Smart and Novel Ingredients - Structure Design;
- Food Biotechnology and Bioprocesses: micro/minibioreactor design; biodegradable polymers production and processing;
- Reaction kinetics in food processes;
- Modelling and simulation of food processes and automation in food industry;
-Open innovation – Risk engineering.
All the articles have been peer-reviewed for acceptance by at least two reviewers, frequently by three and rarely by more (see: Publication Policy). All the articles are identified by a DOI number and indexed into SCOPUS and SCHOLAR citation database.
Laura Piazza, Mauro Moresi, Francesco Donsì (Guest Editors)